This is a "homepage" and test page for PeimariSplitAnalyzer aka "köyhän miehen winsplits". See project page for more technical details.

Note, this is not optimal setup for the app, but mostly just for testing and hosting the "bookmarklet" version. See Peimarin Rastit for a better integration example or FC Middle -13 for "pirila files".

Bookmarklet usage:

From its original use the app has since developed a bit. It e.g. now supports reading "pirilä split files" and "aaltosen online" and using as a bookmarklet. This way you can use it to analyze split times even though the organizer hasn't configured the script to split time files.

To use as "bookmarklet", bookmark following link (e.g. drag link to bookmark bar or use right click in Firefox) and use bookmark when you are already on a split time page.